Dark Glasses: A Look Back

I sometimes move on from my old work and almost forget it exists at all. I shouldn’t do that when it comes to anything I’ve tried to do, but especially not with my last book, Dark Glasses. It contains a lot of things that – in my view – still resonate. Here’s just one ofContinue reading “Dark Glasses: A Look Back”


I’m a writer and I have often wondered if I’d have made any kind of a reporter. My gut feeling is…I would have made a really poor reporter. I just don’t have a newshound’s instincts. But my respect for quality reportage is real, true and heartfelt. And I honestly believe news is important. As I’veContinue reading “Newspaperman”

How to be a Writer – Part Eight

You’ve already learned so, so much. Under my tutelage, you’ve gone from someone who couldn’t even type to someone who has met John Grisham in person AND written a best-selling novel. You better pinch yourself – just to make sure you’re not dreaming!! Now, unless that pinch snapped you out of this literary wonderland, there’sContinue reading “How to be a Writer – Part Eight”

How to be a Writer – Part Seven

You’re a writer now and, as a writer, you must prepare for the inevitable: that moment when you meet John Grisham himself, face to face; peer to peer. Though I’ve never met the man, meeting John Grisham…I’m guessing there’s nothing like it in the whole world. But you have to be ready for it. For,Continue reading “How to be a Writer – Part Seven”

How to be a Writer – Part Six

You’ve made it! Your debut novel is selling a robust 16 copies per week and now everyone wants to know more about you. It’s a good thing you’re on a nationwide reading tour – so you can tell them! The thing to remember about doing a live reading is that people have been doing thisContinue reading “How to be a Writer – Part Six”

How to be a Writer – Part Four

Success! You did it! Two months of writing in your spare time and you’ve finished your first novel! What’s more, not one week after typing ‘The End,’ you’ve secured a literary agent! And just two weeks after that, your book is on its way to the printing press! This is what it’s like to beContinue reading “How to be a Writer – Part Four”

How to be a Writer – Part Three

So you want to be a writer, eh? Alright. Okay. Fair enough. But you can’t first become a writer without first picking up some supplies. Here’s what you’re going to need: 1 table 1 chair 1 typewriter (Smith-Corona) 1 inkwell Black ink (two quarts) 6 pens (feather) 1 eraser Reams of paper (3 or 4)Continue reading “How to be a Writer – Part Three”

How to be a Writer – Part Two

You want to be a writer – I get it. The hours are good and just maybe you’ll be the next Lorrie Moore (and/or J. Grisham). But before you call and book your glamour shots, there’s something you need to know. And what you need to know is this: If you’re going to be aContinue reading “How to be a Writer – Part Two”

Radio Interview – Comedy Album

One of the hard parts about being an Indie author is…there are dozens of things which make being an Indie author difficult. For one thing, you are your own publicist. There’s no one in New York or Culver City making phone calls on your behalf. So the best you can do is the best youContinue reading “Radio Interview – Comedy Album”

A Few Words on Henry Rifle

My pen name was once Henry Rifle. It was a catchy handle, one that rolled off the tongue real smooth. In addition to having a nice ring to it, it’s also a real gun. According to Wikipedia, it was ‘the basis for the iconic Winchester rifle of the American Wild West.’ So I suppose thereContinue reading “A Few Words on Henry Rifle”