My book – Dark Glasses

Some time ago, I wrote a book I’m still happy with – Dark Glasses. Thanks to a friend of mine, that book is now available (for a limited time) free to Kindle Unlimited users. The place to go to grab that book is right about…here:

Please do have a look! That’s Dark Glasses, by me, Dan Hendrickson. Free (or at least relatively cheaply) at a virtual bookstore near you.

Cutting Crew

If I could, I’d like to ruin a song for you. The song I’m going to ruin for you today is an oldie – Cutting Crew’s ‘(I just) Died in Your Arms (Tonight).’ The song goes, “Oh! I just died in your arms tonight. It must have been something I said.” But I’VE always thought it would be better (or at least funnier) if it went like this: “Oh! I just died in your arms tonight. It must have been something I ate. I should have walked away…”

I should have walked away.

Indiana Jones Sequel

Being me is a lot of work. However, it has a few benefits. Namely, I tend to have a surplus of ideas. I’m going to tell you about one of those ideas – a sequel idea for the Indiana Jones franchise – in just a moment. However, before I do, I’m going to tell you the drawback to having ideas like this. The biggest drawback? What to do with these ideas?

I mean, as you’ll see, I couldn’t charge a nickel for this idea and I would feel guilty if I did. Additionally, no one will want it, and no one else will know what to do with it. It’s my idea and I’m…I’m stuck with it. Without any further ado, I’ll tell you what the idea is. Oh, and I should tell you that the idea came to me while I was watching Raiders of the Lost Ark over the weekend.

The title of that movie made me think of another possible Indy sequel: Breathers of the Lost Fart. If anything, it would be a short, I suppose. Basically, it would show Indy and a fellow adventurer accessing a hidden chamber. Upon entering said chamber, Indy would sniff the air with a look of disgust and say, “Do you smell that?! Oh my God!!”

Breathers of the Lost Fart.

Logic is a four-letter word

Sometimes when I’m in the mood for nonsense, I’ll say something like, “Logic is a four-letter word.” Then I’ll give whomever I’m talking to a look and add, imploringly (as though it’s obvious), “Think about it.” Then, with that being said, I’ll say I have to get going and head for home.

I’m always in the mood for nonsense.

Rat Gloves

We have mice in our house. We would prefer that they weren’t here, but they don’t seem to care. Sometimes we set traps and when those traps are sprung, I pull on a pair of gloves to deal with the remains. I call those gloves ‘Rat Gloves’ – even though we have only ever caught mice with these traps (and it’s only a sporadic issue). The bottom line is, I sometimes use humor to deal with the wholesale pain of existence. It’s my go-to.