Write On! Radio

Recently, I had the good fortune to be interviewed on KFAI’s Write On! Radio program. They talk to writers of all stripes, including me apparently. Though I was coming off an uneven couple of days, I did my best to hold the line and deliver the goods. If you have time to listen, my bit picks up around the halfway point. In the interview, I talk about Comedy Album, Richard Brautigan (one of my favorite writers) and his classic book Trout Fishing in America (the cover of which is the feature image for this post), and, of course, I bring up my personal white whale, Johnny Grisham himself. Happy Saturday, good people! https://www.kfai.org/player/?episode_id=25592

Published by Dan Hendrickson - Writer

A comic, screenwriter and poet, I grew up in Northwest Minnesota. Years later, I earned my MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University in St. Paul. I've been a guest on KFAI’s Write On! Radio and Prairie Public Radio’s Main Street. I have a new book out called Comedy Album. If you wished to do so, you could buy it. https://www.amazon.com/Comedy-Album-Dan-Hendrickson/dp/1938237315

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