Minneapolis Writer Releases Comedy Album – in Print

Minneapolis, MNSeptember 24, 2020 – Local writer Dan Hendrickson has released a comedy album, but not on vinyl. Instead, he’s transplanted the format to the printed page in Comedy Album, his newest collection of comedic verse. In the recent past, Hendrickson has sometimes referred to his genre as ‘cometry’ (a souped-up blend of comedy and poetry). However, he says Comedy Album is exactly what it claims to be: straight-up comedy. It’s designed to be funny; a blast of seltzer direct to the kisser.

“Comedy is all about timing,” says Hendrickson, “and while some might say now is the perfect time for such an offering, others would be very quick to say, ‘No, Dan, that’s a really terrible idea.’ Those two points of view and where I’m at form a nearly perfect triangle.”

Professionally, Hendrickson served as spokesperson for a historic, local nonprofit for nearly a decade. However, when that came to an end, he fully embraced his lifelong passion: comedy. Despite today’s myriad and ever-present uncertainties, Hendrickson – in true showbiz fashion – says the show must go on, arguing that comedy is an essential ingredient when it comes to enjoying life.

Often absurd, Comedy Album revolves around lobsters, lemons, libido, and trout – though not necessarily in that order. It also contains callbacks and running gags, and its design and layout all lend it the look and feel of an actual comedy album. And, like many comedy albums, the material is intended for mature audiences (language, adult themes and subject matter).

“A lot of people write a lot of terrific books for children,” observes Hendrickson. “I’m just not one of those people.”

Comedy Album follows on the heels of 2017’s Dark Glasses. Hendrickson has also penned a series of chapbooks under his pen name, Henry Rifle, including: Shooting Gallery; Bullet Train; A Bullet West; and Ballistics Report. He also wrote and co-produced an independent movie called Henry Rifle is Dead. Additionally, Hendrickson has dabbled in standup comedy on various stages around the Twin Cities over the years.

“It’s something I can do,” says Hendrickson, “but I tend to consider myself more of a dancing bear that’s too lazy to perform. This way, my work still gets out there and I can stay home and watch television.”

Comedy Album’s formal release date is September 30. Published and designed by Flat Sole Studio in St. Paul, it is currently available for purchase online, in both hard copy and e-book formats, and locally at Cream and Amber in downtown Hopkins.

About Dan Hendrickson: A comic, screenwriter and poet, Dan Hendrickson grew up in Northwest, Minnesota, graduating from the University of North Dakota with a degree in Communications. Later, he earned his MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University in St. Paul. He’s co-writer of the screen adaptation of Did I Ever Thank You, Sister and has also written a semi-autobiographical spec script titled Life in a Northern Town. Dan has been a guest on KFAI’s Write On! Radio and Prairie Public Radio’s Main Street. He currently resides in Minneapolis.

Published by Dan Hendrickson - Writer

A comic, screenwriter and poet, I grew up in Northwest Minnesota. Years later, I earned my MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University in St. Paul. I've been a guest on KFAI’s Write On! Radio and Prairie Public Radio’s Main Street. I have a new book out called Comedy Album. If you wished to do so, you could buy it. https://www.amazon.com/Comedy-Album-Dan-Hendrickson/dp/1938237315

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